How To Find Discount Air Line Tickets To GhanaHow To Find Discount Air Line Tickets To Ghana


Ancient Ghana History            Ancient Ghana Empire, also known as the Wagadou Empire, existed and flourished during the medieval period in West Africa during the 11th century. The empire was geographically 500 miles away from the present Republic of Ghana, and was located in what is now southeastern Mauritania, Western Mali and Eastern Senegal. More..


How To Find Discount Air Line Tickets To Ghana


       Ghana is a beautiful country located on the west coast of Africa. The country is bordered by Togo, Burkhina Faso and Ivory Coast, and is known for its rich cultural history, traditions, landscapes and great wildlife diversity.

       The most important tourist attractions in Ghana are the beautiful national parks that are spread over vast expanses of land throughout the country. Famous among these is the Mole National Park that is home to several exotic species of animals, plants, birds and reptiles. Another beautiful destination is the Kakum National Park that is considered as one of the greatest rainforests in the country and is known for its canopy walkways and natural trails. Night camping in these jungles is a memorable experience. One can also witness an exemplary display of dance, music, and colorful decorations and crafts from Ghana’s citizens. Accra offers travelers with expensive accommodations, multi-cuisine restaurants and a typical night life experience.

       Ghana has always remained an unexplored destination with the tourism industry being really undeveloped. Even the number of international flights connecting Ghana is sparse. The only international airport in the country is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. In fact, Accra is the most populated city in the Gulf of Guinea. All the flights to Ghana land in Accra. Ghana is primarily located near to the equator. Hence, this region experiences a tropical climate with the temperatures ranging between 70°F to 90°F. Summers in this part of the world are unbearable. Hence, the best season for tourists to visits is after August.

       The best way to obtain cheap flight tickets to Ghana is to make travel plans during the country’s festivals. Travel companies and flight operators provide several offers to tourists visiting Ghana during this period. You can also obtain cheap flight tickets during off-season. In order to fill the seats in the flights during off season, flight operators tend to issue tickets at a far lower price than normal. Another good tip for finding cheap flights to Ghana and Africa during off season is to fly via Europe. Flights between the US and Europe are inexpensive during off season. Since direct flights to Ghana are relatively few, one should make his/her travel arrangement at least 2 months in advance.

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How To Find Discount Air Line Tickets To Ghana

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