Travel Security In ChinaTravel Security In China


Travel-From-Japan-To-China            Many travelers who come to Japan want to visit China since they are in the Asian region and do not know when they will be able to make a trip again to this region. However, many do not travel from Japan to China as airline tickets can be quite expensive. More..


Travel Security In China


        On the whole China is a relatively safe country and one should not worry too much about travel security whilst they are in China. The people are friendly and honest. However, like every country China too has it own perils and you should be alert.

        If you are visiting China, be careful about the local laws. Punishment for certain illegal activities can attract harsh penalties in comparison to those existing in the United States. A simple example is demonstrations. Do not get tempted to take part in demonstration no matter how strongly you feel about it. Laws in China prohibit demonstrations unless there is prior approval from the government. Do not get lured by drugs as a drug offence is a serious crime and you can get severely punished for it. At times, even death penalty is enforced for a drug offence.

         The rainy season is treacherous time in China and this reason is between March and April in southern and eastern China, and from June to August in western China. During the rainy season, Shangri-la and Tibet regions can face landslides and disruption of essential services. Rural areas along the Yangtze River get flooded. If you happen to be in these areas during a natural disaster, it is best to follow the instructions of the local authorities.

         The police in China are quite friendly but they do not speak English other than in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. If you are lost, you can always approach policemen and ask them for directions. It does help to carry an English to Chinese phrase book to make yourself understood.

          You should always carry your hotel’s card with its name and address in Chinese and English. This way, you can ask anyone for directions to your hotel by just showing them the card.

           Like all tourist destinations, China too has its share of petty crimes. Do careful at nights, especially when you are popular expatriate hangouts. Never carry too much money with you and try not to flash your “wealth” around. Use a money belt to carry your money and wear it under your t-shirt.

           Carry your passport, ticket and visa on your person. It is better it you place them into a pouch and wear in under your clothing. Make several copies of your passport, ticket and visa. It is better to carry the photocopies at night and lock all original documents in the hotel safe.

           Be extremely careful of you luggage in crowded areas. Pickpockets tend to work in places like buses and markets. Always ensure that your luggage is constantly in your sight. Do not leave anything unattended.

           If you are told that an area is unsafe, avoid it at all costs. In addition, always stay in crowded and busy areas.

          If you take care, you will definitely have a memorable holiday in China. After all, every tourist destination has these issues and if proper measures are taken, nothing can go wrong.

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Travel Security In China

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