Peruvian Gourmet CoffeePeruvian Gourmet Coffee


Facts About Peru      Republic of Peru is a country located on the western side of South America. Listed below are some facts about Peru, which will help you to learn more about this beautiful and magnificent country. More..


Peruvian Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is the most widely popular stimulant beverage widely consumed by millions of people across the world. Coffee was discovered and consumed for the first time during the 9th century in Ethiopia. Since then, it has been influencing many societies throughout modern history.

Coffee is prepared from specially roasted coffee beans. These beans are derived from ripened coffee berries that grow on the coffee plants. There are two most commonly grown species of coffee plants across the world that includes Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta.

Peru is highly known for producing high quality organic and fair-trade coffee that carries rich aroma, flavor and taste.

Coffee is cultivated as an important agricultural crop cultivated by the people of Peru. Coffee accounts for 12 percent of all agricultural exports in Peru. In fact, Peru is the ninth largest producer of coffee in the world. With an export volume of more than 216 million kilograms of coffee in 2006, Peru is the third largest exporter of coffee in South America after Brazil and Columbia.

High mountain ranges, diverse climatic conditions and rich fertile soils in Peru offer the most ideal environment for the growth of one of the world’s best quality gourmet coffee. Coffea arabica is the major variety of coffee that is grown on more than 225,000 hectares of land across all the nine major regions in the country by 100,000 cultivators. Amongst all, the coffee grown in the central region of Chanchamayo is often considered as the Peru’s best variety of coffee. In most cases, an average size of a coffee farm is around 2-3 hectares. Most of the Peru’s coffee is grown along the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains covered with lush green forests.

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Peruvian Gourmet Coffee

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