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Travel The World On A Budget


      Who wouldn’t like to travel around the world and enjoy the luxurious landscapes, rich cultural heritage, historical relics and unique architectural buildings? However, budget has always being a constraint for most people to explore new and exotic tourist destinations around the world. Read on to know how to travel the world on a budget, without any pain.

      Tourists can travel the world on a budget only if they are willing to cut down their expenses on living in costly hotels, relishing exotic cuisine and traveling in expensive cars. If tourists can properly plan their trips, in a way that not much is spent on accommodation and food, they can enjoy traveling at exotic tourist destinations at a much reasonable and cheaper rate.

One way of cutting down the expenses of traveling is to purchase an 'around the world ticket' that entails purchasing airplane tickets for multiple tourist destinations at one go. This considerably reduces the cost associated with purchasing tickets over and over again. Tourists can purchase such tickets through travel agents or directly book tickets from the concerned company. Thus, the concept of travelling on a budget is only suitable for those who can plan their transportation in such a manner.

If one wishes to travel-the-world-on-a-budget, one should gather enough information about the places he or she wishes to visit before landing there. Get to know about the discount stores that sell clothes and other stuff. It is best, if the tourists can borrow clothes, shoes and camping gears from others in order to curtail their expenses. To travel on a budget, the tourists often bring their camping and sleeping bags while traveling to different tourist destinations. This saves the tourists from booking rooms in expensive hotels. One advantage of 'Couch Surfing' is that tourists can sleep and rest without the need to pay heavily for accommodation. Some of the cheap tourist destinations around the world are: India, Ecuador, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Venezuela and Czech Republic. Plan your tour wisely to enjoy your world travel on a meaningful budget.

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Travel The World On A Budget

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