Facts About The Great Wall Of ChinaFacts About The Great Wall Of China


How-Long-Is-The-Great-Wall-Of-China            If you think about China, immediately a picture of the Great Wall of China materializes in the mind. No trip to China is complete without seeing this immense structure, which is a symbol of the long and ancient history of the country. More..


Facts About The Great Wall Of China


       The famous Great Wall of China is not really visible from outer space. However, this does not diminish the architectural feat of constructing something so massive and magnificent.

        The Great Wall of China is a mammoth 3,700 miles (6,000 kilometers) long and consists of many huge walls. Some of the walls are 29.5 feet (9 meters) tall.

        In some places there are gaps in the wall. In certain places the gap extends to 50 miles while in other places the gaps are filled by mountainous terrain. Certain parts of the Wall were initially built during the Warring States period that was from 500 to 221 BC. However, it was only during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) that the Wall given some sort of semblance. The Qin Dynasty leader Shi-huangdi was instrumental in strengthening the walls during the forced unification, which led to the formation of China.

      The Great Wall of China’s latest construction was during the Ming Dynasty after 1368 but the actual construction of the Wall began over 2,000 years ago. Different warlords and dynasties added their mark by constructing number of interconnecting walls that is now the Great Wall of China.

       It is one of the most extensive constructions done by mankind and is instrumental in attracting millions of tourists to China. In order to truly appreciate this wonder, one has to see and climb it. Its original use was for protecting agricultural land from invasions and to keep the people from leaving the empire. The Wall is interspersed by watch towers, which were used as warning system by the army.

       The Wall was built by over a million people who were peasants, soldiers and prisoners. During the process of building the Wall, thousands of workers died. Once upon a time the Wall was called the Ten Thousand Li Wall. This moniker was with reference to its length where 1 li is equal to half kilometer or one third of a mile.

        The eastern parts of Wall are built from bricks and stones while the western sections are made from earth and grass.

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Facts About The Great Wall Of China

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