How To Date Hot Japanese GirlsHow To Date Hot Japanese Girls


How-To-Get-To-Noboribetsu-In-Hokkaido      Noboribetsu in Hokkaido is one of the most famous hot spring resorts. It is surrounded by forested hills and besides it baths, you can also see the Jigokudani or Hell Valley, which is home to many sulfurous vents, streams and ponds. Noboribetsu is part of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido. More..


How To Date Hot Japanese Girls


Usually when you a single male on a holiday to Japan, you will be looking to date hot Japanese girls. The fact is that Japanese girls are considered to be very beautiful and if you know how to date hot Japanese girls, you will be far ahead of the pack.

You will find that a lot of Japanese love to visit café/bar, also known as Izakaya. This is the best place to meet new people including girls. If you happen to visit Nomikai (drinking party) in any café or bar and there are a lot of hot Japanese girls, you are in for a windfall. You will have at least a couple of hours to talk to the girls and you can set up a stage to request for the girls’ telephone number or ask them (or her) out for a date during the weekend.

In a Nomikai, people tend to sit on a big table. To get talking to hot and beautiful Japanese girls, it is important to know where to sit. Usually you should make it a point not to sit next to the girl. Usually when a conversation is going on, Japanese girls do not want to be left out and tend not to look at the person sitting next to them. You should make it an effort to sit diagonal to the girl. This way, you are neither next to her nor directly in front of her. If you are directly in front of her, the girl might get too shy to hold a conversation with you.

 Make sure you make eye contact and you can start a conversation. This will force the girl to join in the conversation. Start talking to the girl without asking direct questions. Then, you introduce yourself to her and ask her name. You can even ask her what she wants to drink if her glass is empty. The other way of involving the girl into a conversation is asking her what she is eating and whether it is good or not.

Most Japanese girls will not tell you whether they have a boyfriend. Therefore, before getting your hopes high, make sure you check this fact out. Once you start a conversation with a hot Japanese girl, it is all up to you to keep her interested. If you manage to gain her interest, you can be sure that you will be able to date her!

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How To Date Hot Japanese Girls

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