Japan Tourist AttractionsJapan Tourist Attractions


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Japan Tourist Atractions


Japan is a country worth visiting for all its tourist attractions. It is a country full of enigma and awe with its beautiful countryside, temples and historical buildings blending harmoniously with modern day technology.

Japan Tourist Attractions:

  • Hiroshima: The name is synonymous with nuclear holocaust. Although the entire city was nearly destroyed when the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on August 6, 1945, it has still managed to rebuild itself completely. However, there are still reminders of the terrible devastation and loss.

The Peace Park in Hiroshima commemorates the victims of the holocaust by listing the names of all the victims on a Cenotaph. There is also the Atomic Bomb museum which shows the macabre photographs of the city and the victims. A memorial known as the Children’s Peace Memorial is a symbol of regeneration of Hiroshima.

On the nearby island of Miyjima, there is the Shrine of Itsukushima which was built in 593 in the honor of fishing gods. 80 kilometers west of Hiroshima, is the old castle town of Hagi. 45 kilometers southwest of Hiroshima is Kitai-kyo or Brocade Sash Bridge which is made up of 5 arched spans.

  • Ise-Shima Park: The park is located 120 kilometers east of Osaka on Honshu Island. It has one of the most revered shrines of Japan, the 2000-year old Grand Shrine of Ise. You can also visit Kongoshuji temple and Jingu Kiakan hall where popular Sumo contests are held.
  • Kamakura: This ancient city has 18 shrines and 65 temples. There is a giant bronze image of Buddha too. You can also ride the Enoden, a tiny ancient train that runs between Kamakura and Fujisawa. In addition, you can visit the Nagao Museum of Traditional Japanese Art and the Modern Art Museum.
  • Kyoto: Is the center for Japanese craft. You can visit the National Museum for exhibits of porcelain, lacquer ware, swords and kimonos. You can get a taste of traditional Japanese flower arrangement, court music and tea ceremony at the Traditional and Japanese Arts Theater. However, what is breathtaking in Kyoto is the 11-story elevator train station. The spectacular Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) covered with gold leaf and reflected in the small lake is worth the visit. You can also visit the 17th century Nijo Castle, Kiyomizu Temple and Nanzen Temple. Do not forget to take a walk down Philosopher’s Walk, a cherry tree-lined avenue. A visit to the Imperial Palace, Sanjusangendo with the 1000-handed statue of Goddess Kannon, the statues of 28 Faithful Followers and Ryoanji Temple is a must.

Besides these places, the other Japanese tourist attractions are Mount Fuji, Tokyo, Nara on Honshu island, Sapporo, Ryukyu Islands and Nikko.

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Japan Tourist Attractions

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