What Does Jumper Mean In EnglandWhat Does Jumper Mean In England


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What Does Jumper Mean In England


British English and American English are both English but words and slangs have completely different meaning. So what does jumper mean in England? In England a jumper is equivalent to an American sweater.

In American English, the word sweater has a much broader application than the English jumper, which refers only to long-sleeved pullovers. In other words, the word jumper means a sweater that is donned by pulling it over your head. This again is very different from the word cardigan, which is used in American English. However, the American word sweater is more frequently used and refers to a cardigan as well.

This means that in American English sweater is hyperonym that includes cardigans as well as pullover sweaters. But the word jumper in England is not a hyperonym for a cardigan. In fact, a jumper and cardigan are completely opposite.

When an English person uses the word jumper, he is referring to his pullover. However, a jumper in America refers to kind of dress, which is called a pinafore in England. That is why Americans find it funny when an English person says that he is going to put on his jumper.

                                                                                                                                                            I think that this article has managed to convey to all readers as to what does jumper mean in England. It is amazing that both America and England speak English but the meanings of words are so different. While in one country, one particular word means something, in the other country either the people do not know the word or the meaning is completely different. This is what makes English language such a delightful language. Different words have different meaning in different countries, and if you do not know the context of the conversation, you will never find out the true meaning of the word.

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What Does Jumper Mean In England

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