Zip Codes For London EnglandZip Codes For London England


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Zip Codes For London England


Many Americans are constantly trying to find zip codes for London, England. However, zip codes are found in America, while in England zip codes are known as postcodes, which are unique to each area. In contrast, in America, once place will have just one zip code. For instance, there are hundreds of zip codes or postcodes for London, England. Each zip code defines are specific area within the city limits.

Zip codes are an obsession in London. House prices in London are determined by the location and many rich Londoners are regularly known to pay above the value of a home just to get a desirable zip code.

Postcodes were part of the postal reforms in 1840 and this was because London’s population had increased rapidly leading to a greater volume of letters. During those days, letters were vaguely addressed and this led to a lot of problems since many streets in London had the same name.

In 1850s, committee on street names was formed and they considered renaming the streets. However, this did not work out as it met resistance from wealthier families who lived on streets named after their ancestors. However, not everyone in London was against changes and by 1871, around 100,000 houses in London were re-numbered and 4,800 areas were renamed.

However, to further accelerate the delivery of mail in London, Sir Rowland Hills proposed dividing the city into 10 separate postal districts, wherein each district would be denoted by compass points. In addition, an office would be established for each district. The original 10 districts were EC (Eastern Central), WC (Western Central), followed by NW, N,NE, E, SE, S, SW and W. All these districts were within 12-mile radius of Central London.

Sir Hill’s plan was approved in 1856 and was implemented in 1857 and 1858. This accelerated the delivery of mail around London, in particular the local mail. In 1866, after a report submitted by Surveyor Anthony Trollope, NE district was not considered viable and merged with E district. Similarly many other districts were abolished and merged with neighboring districts.

In 1917, the postcodes of London, England were further refined by dividing the districts into sub-districts and this system is still in use today. This was during World War I era and women had taken over the sorting from men who had gone to war. The sub-districts were each given a serial number and this number was the suffix to the district’s initials and was allocated in a sequence. For example, the Eastern District was E1, Bethnal Green was E2, Bow was E3 and so on.

                                                                                          Zip codes for London, England are alphanumeric and they are between six and eight characters long, which includes a single space used to separate the outward and inward parts of the code. For instance, the zip code for the House of Commons is SW1A 0AA.

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Zip Codes For London England

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