Ancient Greece BuildingsAncient Greece Buildings


Ancient-Greece-Olympics      The Ancient Greece Olympics were initially called the Olympic Games, which were a series of athletic competitions held between the different states and cities of ancient Greece. The games began in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and were held until 393 AD. Winners of different athletic competitions were presented with olive wreaths, palm branches and woolen ribbons. More..


Ancient Greece Buildings


Life in ancient Greece was dominated by religion and that is why it is not surprising to see that many ancient Greece buildings were temples, which were some of the biggest and most beautiful ones in the world. In addition, ancient Greek temples were built to celebrate civic powers and pride. They were also used to offer homage to the patron deity of a city for success in a war.

Ancient Greece Buildings:
The Greeks developed three types of architectural orders known as Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. These orders had their own distinctive proportions and details.

The Doric order was sturdy and its top was plain. This style of architecture was in mainland Greece and the colonies in southern Italy and Sicily. The Ionic order was thinner and more elegant compared to Doric style of building. Its capital (top) was decorated with a scroll-like design and this sort of architecture is found mostly in eastern Greece and its islands. Finally, there is the Corinthian style of architecture which was seldom used in ancient Greece but is often seen on Roman temples. This style has an elaborate top decorate with acanthus leaves.

Parthenon: This is the temple of Athena Parthenos, the Greek goddess of wisdom. The temple is located on Acropolis in Athens and is of the Doric order. The Parthenon was built in the 5th century BC and it still manages to communicate the ideals of order and harmony despite the massive damage it has suffered over the centuries.

The Temple of Apollo at Didyma: This temple is located in Didyma, Turkey and it was built around 300 BC. The design of the temple is dipteral, which means that it has two sets of columns surrounding the interior section. This architectural is from the Ionic order. The columns of the temple surround a small chamber that housed the statue of Apollo. These columns reach a height of 19.5 meters (64 feet).

Temple of Aphaia: This is one of the most delightful temples of ancient Greece built in the Doric order. It is located on top of Mesagro Hill on the northeast part of Aegina Island. It is circled by excellent views of the Saronic Gulf and surrounding areas.

            Delphi: It is the most popular archeological site of Greece. Its museum represents the classical antiquity with such clarity that even a person who knows nothing about ancient Greece will understand the finer details.

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Ancient Greece Buildings

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