Teaching Children About Ancient GreeceTeaching Children About Ancient Greece


Women-Roles-In-Ancient-Greece      Women’s role in ancient Greece was quite different to the roles women have in our modern society. In ancient Greece, women did not have the right to vote and they played little role in politics. In addition, women could not own property and they could not sue. More..


Teaching Children About Ancient Greece


It is important that children learn about ancient civilizations and their contribution to our modern world. That is why there is so much emphasis on teaching children about ancient Greece. It can be a fun and exciting activity, especially for the children.

Once way to make children understand who ancient Greeks were is through placing ancient Greek civilization on a time line so that children first understand the meaning of BC and AD. This can be followed by describing the important features of life in ancient Greece and comparing it to life in different cities today. This would be the right moment to introduce and explain some of the beliefs held by ancient Greeks and why they held them.

You can also create a holiday brochure for modern Greece and ancient Greece. This will enable children to see and learn about all the beautiful building in ancient Greece and give them an insight into the religious beliefs that the ancient Greeks had. You can also do a presentation, if possible a multimedia one, to show the life of a child in ancient Greece. Even the children can help you develop the presentation by dividing them into groups and making them take on the role of a Greek boy or girl. The life of the boy or girl can then be compared to lives of the children and they can figure out the differences. This should also have a recorded narration of the story.

Teaching children about ancient Greece will help them to learn and show sensitivity to people from different cultures and they will also learn to appreciate the things they have in life, which are often taken for granted.

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Teaching Children About Ancient Greece

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