How To Obtain A Russian VisaHow To Obtain A Russian Visa


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How To Obtain A Russian Visa


If you are planning to travel to Russia for business or pleasure, you will require a visa before leaving. So, how to obtain a Russian visa? In order to get a Russian visa, you have to be invited to the country either by a Russian citizen or a company based in Russia.

The invitation letter is then taken to the Russian Embassy or Consulate and based on it a visa is issued. After you arrive into Russia, your visa has to be registered by the person or organization who sponsored you.

Here are some facts on how to obtain a Russian visa:

  • Tourist Visa: This type of visa is ideal for short term stay. In order to get a tourist visa, you need to have a hotel and itinerary planned for each day of the say. However, this rule is broken more often than anyone would care to know.
  • Business Visa: This type of visa is considered to be perfect not just for foreigners working in Russia but also for tourists. It provides a lot of flexibility for tourists who are visiting friends and have no intention of staying in hotels. It is also perfect for people who are intending to stay for an extended period of time and are looking to travel independently and extensively. You need an invitation from a Russian firm to get a business visa.
  • Homestay Visa: This visa is best for people who have friends and family who intend to host them during their trip. A homestay visa is issued up to 3 months and is more flexible than a tourist visa. However, the Russian host has to get the invitation letter for you from the local authorities and at time can take 2 months to process a request. Thereafter, the original invitation letter has to be sent to the person’s country where the Russian consulate or embassy processes the visa.

The Russian Embassy or Consulate usually takes a day to process a visa but if the workload is high, it can take around 2 weeks before you obtain a Russian visa.

There are many agencies that help visitors to get Russian visas. Make sure when you are choosing a travel agency to help you obtain a Russian visa, the agency has a physical address and a valid telephone number. In addition, the agency should have experience in working with Russian visas and will be able to provide you with registration in the city where you intend to stay. If the agency is also able to help you in exceptional cases, it is all the better!

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How To Obtain A Russian Visa

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