Egyptian Pyramid SaqqaraEgyptian Pyramid Saqqara


Egyptian-Pyramids-Facts       The age of the pyramids occurred during the Old Kingdom of Egypt from 2575 - 2150 B.C. All of the pyramids were commissioned for construction during the Old Kingdom. The pharaohs were treated like gods that took the human form of an Egyptian and placed on Earth to rule the people. It was their power over the people that allowed the pharaoh to commission the construction of a pyramid. The pyramid was the tomb that would ultimately shelter the mummified body of the pharaoh so that he would be able to pass on from his human life into the afterlife as Osiris, the king of the dead. More..


Egyptian Pyramid Saqqara


Saqqara is an area of Egypt used as a burial ground used by pharaohs and people of nobility in the first Egyptian Dynasty. It is a necropolis, a large cemetery, or sometimes called the 'City of the Dead'. The northern entrance of Saqqara is located right at the start of the Nile delta. At the time the Egyptian capital was located in Memphis and Saqqara was built to the west of Memphis where today you can see a few pyramids constructed by the early pharaohs of the first dynasty. The burial site was built on a plateau and extends 4 miles from the northern entrance to southern end of Saqqara.

There were quite a few pyramids constructed by the old pharaohs. The most prominent of the pyramids is the Step Pyramid of Djoser. This was the tomb of Pharaoh Djoser who was the first king of the 3rd Dynasty. The pyramid walls were inscribed in hieroglyphics using his Horus name, Netjerykhet. He ruled Egypt for 38 years and did see the completion of the step pyramid before he passed away. This early pyramid had the characteristic appearance of six rising mastaba structures that rose in decreasing size. A mastaba was a style of Egyptian tomb characteristic of a structure that was shaped like a rectangle with a flat roof and sides that jutted out at an angle. It was constructed using mud bricks or stone. If using the mud it would be directly taken from the Nile river.

On a clear day in Giza one can see the Djoser Pyramid in Saqqara. Giza is roughly 10.5 miles north of Saqqara. Besides Pharaoh Djoser, there were 16 other pharaohs that constructed their burial pyramids at Saqqara. The following kings were:

  • Pharaoh Userkaf
  • Pharaoh Djedkare
  • Pharaoh Menkauhor
  • Pharaoh Unas
  • Pharaoh Teti
  • Pharaoh Pepi I
  • Pharaoh Merenre
  • Pharaoh Pepi II

The Saqqara burial grounds are divided into a northern and southern section. In the north part this area is comprised of multiple cemeteries - Northern cemetery, Teti cemetery, Djoser cemetery, and Unas cemeteries. The southern section of Saqqara borders the city called Dashur. There are three cemeteries in the southern section. The first king to build his pyramid here is Pharaoh Djedkare from the 5th Dynasty. He was the first king to build his pyramid back in Saqqara after previous kings had preferred to build their pyramids in another neighboring city of Abusir. If you are visiting Egypt make sure that you do not just stop by the Great Pyramid of Khufu, but that you also make a stop by Saqqara to view the other pyramids. Even though you can see Djoser Pyramid from the distance it does not justify the magnificent appearance of this pyramid from close up.

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Egyptian Pyramid Saqqara

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