The Oldest Egyptian PyramidThe Oldest Egyptian Pyramid


What-Do-The-Ancient-Egyptian-Pyramids-Look-Like-From-The-Inside       Inside the ancient Egyptian pyramids you will have the five main components the pyramid and the walls will all be characteristic of the smooth limestone rock that was pieced together to form the core of the pyramid structure. The main chamber of the pyramid will the pharaoh's burial chamber. There will be a grand gallery. There was air shafts built for the burial chamber as well. The Queen's chamber is another room. We finally have the underground chamber dug into the subterranean levels of the pyramid earth. More..


The Oldest Egyptian Pyramid


The Step Pyramid of Djoser is the oldest of the ancient pyramids built in the 3rd Dynasty. This pyramid is located in Saqqara, which is south of Cairo. It is called a step pyramid because it did not have the fine Tura limestone that lined the outer core of the pyramid that you see at the Giza Pyramids. The pyramid has the characteristic six mastabas stacked directly on top of one another in decreasing size. It was the original architect, Imhotep, who developed this design. This design was the precursor to smooth pyramid design of the Giza Pyramids. There was a significant amount of evidence and artifacts found near the Step Pyramid of Djoser that signified that the location was a religious area such as the graffiti left behind by pilgrims coming to worship.

To view the inside of Djoser pyramid you will need special permission from the Antiquities Inspectorate. Once inside there are passageways and corridors that will lead you to the burial chamber. Visitors no longer can use the original entrance to the pyramid on the northern wall slope face. Instead there is a new entrance tunneled in from the south face.

There is a small room on the north side of the face that has two drilled holes in which you can view the statue of Djoser. The real statue now sits permanently in the Egyptian Museum, but the room has a replica of the statue. The room is called a Serdab, which literally mean cold water and later adopted by Arabic language for cellar. This was a chamber that was used to place the statue of the deceased individual in this case Pharaoh Djoser. The two holes that peered into the room were for pilgrims that brought offerings to the pharaoh and to allow the smells travel through the holes to the spirit of the pharaoh.

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The Oldest Egyptian Pyramid

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