What Do The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Look Like From The InsideWhat Do The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Look Like From The Inside


Why-Did-The-Ancient-Egyptian-Build-Pyramids       In modern day era a tourist will gaze upon the pyramids and be in awe of the immensity of these structures and be blessed that they were able to witness a glimpse of these antiquities during their lifetime. The pyramids were dedicated to the ruling pharaohs of that kingdom as the final resting place for their human life before they made the transition into the afterlife. The Ancient Egyptians spent 20 years building these pyramids and every piece of work that went into the construction was only magnified since most of it was manual labor. The Egyptians built the pyramids not only as burial tombs, but they were basis for their religious system. More..


What Do The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Look Like From The Inside


Inside the ancient Egyptian pyramids you will have the five main components the pyramid and the walls will all be characteristic of the smooth limestone rock that was pieced together to form the core of the pyramid structure. The main chamber of the pyramid will the pharaoh's burial chamber. There will be a grand gallery. There was air shafts built for the burial chamber as well. The Queen's chamber is another room. We finally have the underground chamber dug into the subterranean levels of the pyramid earth.

The burial chamber or King's was surrounded on all sounds by smooth walls and ceiling. The chamber was about 6 meters tall and built using solid granite. Each of the granite blocks weighed about 50 tons and were lowered in with the guidance of the pharaoh's hired observers. The chamber also contained a sarcophagus to hold the pharaoh. The sarcophagus was built inside the pyramid as it was being constructed because the immense size of it would be not able to pass through the narrow passageways. The Grand Gallery is a long hallway that is about 49 meters long and has vaulted ceilings. When a person walks the path up they will head to towards the burial chamber. If they take the path downwards it will take them to the Queen's chamber. There are shafts built in an outward sloping position from the burial chamber all the way until it exits through the side of the pyramid. It was believed these shafts were built out to point to certain constellations and was designed to help guide the spirit to the constellations. It also helps tourists to breath easier in the burial chamber.

The Queen's chamber is located directly below the burial chamber. This room is much smaller than the main burial chamber. The name falsely advertises that it was the chamber that house the pharaoh's queen. The queen was never buried in the pyramid with the pharaoh. Egyptologist believe the room to be a Serdab or a chamber where the pharaoh's Ka statue resided. There are also two small shafts on the north and south wall. Both shafts do not exit outside. Finally in the underground you can find the oldest chamber. It does not have any shafts that extend to the outside so it can be difficult to breath in this chamber. The lack of oxygen in this chamber makes it extremely difficult to light fires. The subterranean chambers were never fully completed so most tourists are not led down there.

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What Do The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Look Like From The Inside

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