Train Travel In KenyaTrain Travel In Kenya


Travel-Between-Kenya-And-Tanzania      Tanzania and Kenya are neighboring countries along the eastern coast of Africa. Both the countries share many common natural features like the white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean, tropical forests and richly endowed wildlife. Together, Kenya and Tanzania countries have become one of the major travel destinations for travelers from across the world. More..


Train Travel In Kenya


Kenya is one of the top wild life and beach vacation destinations in Africa. The country has vast expanses of wild life sanctuaries and resorts where you can enjoy an abundance of diverse flora and fauna as well as white sandy beaches stretching into the blue and green Indian Ocean. While you can travel within Kenya by road or air, the train network is rated as the top modes of travel by the visitors to the country.

Train travel in Kenya can be a unique experience in itself. Many train lines pass through the famous national parks, like the Nairobi- Mombassa express at night, where you may catch a glimpse of the big games of the park. During the day travel, you will pass through the many indigenous habitations and villages with mud huts and thatched roofs, the traditional homes of the locals of Kenya for thousands of years.

The main train lines connecting the major cities like Mombassa and Nairobi are relatively well linked and punctual. However, the lines connecting smaller cities are not operational regularly. Therefore it is recommended that you check with your travel agent or the US Embassy in Kenya to ensure the availability of train tickets while planning your travel. Although the locomotives are old, they are well maintained. The corridors are a bit narrow, but the sleeping cambers and beds are comfortable for overnight journeys. Most of the toilets are the old fashioned squatting style which might be very uncomfortable to use in a moving train but there are also several European style toilets in each train.

As per reviews given by most European and American travelers, the safety in the trains of Kenya is not a concern. The trains are mostly used by tourists and are relatively safer to travel. However, it is strongly recommended that you carry your own bottle of water and insect repellant during your journey.

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Train Travel In Kenya

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