What Is The Capital Of KenyaWhat Is The Capital Of Kenya


Flights-To-Kenya-From-Heathrow      Planning a trip to any place in the world can be quite a cumbersome task with decisions of caching in some money for spending on your holiday lurking high in your mind. Hence, the very first criteria while planning a holiday from Heathrow to Kenya is to check out for cheap flights that will help you in saving a lot in the journey and spend on more significant things. If you are in London, there are plenty of flights flying from Heathrow airport to this African country with popular airlines such as British Airways, KLM, Kenya Airways, Swiss Air, Qatar Airways offering mind blowing discounts and offers on flights. More..


What Is The Capital Of Kenya


Kenya, home to the "Five Big" animals of the world, a land bustling with diverse cultures, myriad tribes, and innumerable wildlife reserves and exhibiting the iconic Mount Kenya, is one of the most favorite haunts of tourists visiting Africa. Stepping into the soil of Kenya, who can miss out on Nairobi, the capital city of this enticing African country, famously referred to as the "Green City in the Sun"? Also popularly nicknamed as "the place of cool waters" and the "safari capital of Africa", the city of Nairobi, with its magnetic aura, vibrant wilderness and throbbing nightlife, truly lives up to be the worthy capital of the country.

One of the largest cities of Africa, the capital city, Nairobi, is also the center to the economic, administrative, political and cultural issues of the country. There is the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and the city houses important landmark industries and historical edifices such as the Kenya Polytechnic, the University of Nairobi, McMillan Memorial Library, Kenya Conservatoire of Music etc. If you are on a tour to this lovely capital of Kenya, there is a plethora of appealing sites to amuse and mesmerize you to the core. The famous Kenya National Museum, with its extensive array of exhibits and ancient artifacts including those of the Leakey pre-historic ones, not to forget the glorious parade of brightly hued birds and butterflies, is truly an amazing site.

If the National Museum is rich in its display, the Karen Blixen Museum in the capital city of Nairobi is no less fascinating. The site of the Museum is the enthralling house of the well-known historic figure Karen Blixen, a Dutch woman, the author of the famous book "Out of Africa", with its beautiful landscaped lawns and a charming coffee house, a restaurant and shops reflecting the lady's vibrant life story. Visiting the Kenya National Park in the country’s capital city Nairobi is an experience worth a lifetime with its dense highland forests, riverine environments and large canopy of trees, blessed with over a hundred varied animal species and home to more than 500 species of birds.

Other things of interest in this capital which tantalizes our senses are the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, the Giraffe Center and Manor, and the colorful, ethnic lifestyle led by the Bomas of Kenya. There is no scarcity of transportation options in this capital and one can easily avail the Matatus or shuttle buses, a convenient way to get yourself around.

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What Is The Capital Of Kenya

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