Interesting Facts About AsiaInteresting Facts About Asia


Landmarks-Of-Asia            Asia is the largest continent on the earth. Quite understandably, it consists of more specimens representing history, art, culture, literature of human civilizations at different points of time than any other continent. The landmarks of Asia stand gloriously depicting the story of Asia's rich natural, historical and cultural heritage. The natural landmarks of Asia include Mount Fuji, Mount Everest, Gobi Desert, Ayers Rock, Tubbataha Reef, Beppu Onsen, Stone Forest, Taroko Gorge, Reed Flute Cave, and Huangshan Mountains. More..


Interesting Facts About Asia


      Asia, being the largest continent of the world has a number of interesting facts about it. Some of these facts are known to us while others are yet to be discovered. We know that Asia covers most of the landmass on the planet. However, it is also interesting to note that the total landmass area of Asia is more than the landmass on the moon. Among the other interesting facts about Asia that are noteworthy to know is around 60 percent of the world's population resides in Asia. India's population is more than the overall population of North, Central and South America. Moreover, China is considered to be the leader with regard to its contribution to the world population. Chinese population in the present situation has exceeded 1.3 billion.

      World's tallest mountain peaks are situated in different parts of Asia. There are other more interesting facts about Asia. Bangladesh is the most densely inhabited country in the continent. One of the funniest and interesting facts about Asia is that, in Maldives a tourists is not allowed to carry more than one Bible. This is done because the natives are afraid that the tourists might convert them into Christians.

Did you know that the literacy rate in Asia is 65.5 percent? Do you know that each year 27 people are born here for every 1000 people? Another interesting fact about Asia is related to its diversity. The majority of the people in Asia speak Hindi, Chinese, Bengali, Javanese, Korean, Japanese and Punjabi. Among so many interesting facts about Asia, one of the most amazing facts is that Asians residing in different countries follow 8 religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Christianity and Shintoism.

Asia boasts of being home to the world’s most ancient human civilization. The greatest man made structure, the Great Wall of China, which is visible from the space is also in Asia. One of the more interesting facts about Asia is related to Japan's topography consisting of 70 percent mountains and also containing 6000 islands. An astonishing fact about Asia is that majority of Muslims reside in South Asia instead of Middle East, which is essentially known for its Muslim population.

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Interesting Facts About Asia

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