Argentina Flags SymbolsArgentina Flags Symbols


People And Protests In Argentina History      Social conflicts and public protests have always been a major part of Argentine history. History of Argentina can be categorized into three distinct parts that include the pre-Columbian era, the Spanish colonial era and modern Argentina. More..


Argentina Flags Symbols


         A national flag is the pride of every nation. The national flag of every country is designed in such a way that it describes the entire country in the most apt manner.

        The national flag of Argentina was designed by General Manuel Belgrano during the Argentine War of Independence in the year 1812. The original flag was a bit different from the one that is being currently used. The flag designed by General Belgrano had two vertical stripes, of which, one was in blue and the other in white. That flag was officially adopted and hoisted on February 12, 1812. Revolutionary forces of Argentina fought for independence against Spanish rule under this flag. Once Argentina was declared independent from the Spanish colonial rule on July 9, 1816, the flag designed by General Belgrano was adopted as a national symbol by the Argentine National Congress.

        The national flag of Argentina is composed of three equally divided horizontal bands. The top and bottom bands of the flag are colored in cerulean or light blue while the middle band is colored in white. In the center of the white band the Sun of May, a radiant yellow sun with a human face. The cerulean blue color in the flag represents the blue sky and the white color in the middle represents the white color of the clouds. The national flag of Argentina conveys a message that the blue sky is parting to reveal white clouds from the middle of which appears the Sun bestowing light, freedom, happiness and glory.  

         The official size of the Argentine national flag is 0.9 meters by 1.4 meters. Each horizontal stripe in the flag is 30 centimeters in height. The Sun of May in the middle is golden yellow in color with an inner diameter of 10 cm and an outer diameter of 25 centimeters. It consists of 32 rays of which 16 are undulated and 16 are straight. June 20th of every year is celebrated in Argentina as the National Flag Day.  

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Argentina Flags Symbols
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Argentina Flags Symbols

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