Pro And Con Of ImmigrationPro And Con Of Immigration


What-Is-Immigration-Amnesty      As we all know that illegal immigration cases have always been one of the most concerned topics of the United States. To overcome this problem, the United States took an initiative for the betterment of the illegal immigrants and the entire country. More..


Pro And Con Of Immigration


Now, as we all know that each and every thing in this world can be gauged by two perspectives, one being the positive and the other being negative. At this instant, in this article, we will try to focus on some positive and negative aspects of immigration.

Immigration has become one of the most concerned problems of the United States. Day by day, the number of legal and illegal immigrants is increasing. This has challenged the immigration policy of the United States to a great extent.

As estimated, the illegal immigrants has progressed the economy of the United States. Although these immigrants may be low-skilled as said by many, but it can not be denied that they are very hard working. Also, many industries recruit these immigrants because they work for lower wages than compared to the wages asked by the local inhabitants. While this may be a positive point for the industry owners, it has tremendously enraged the local natives of the US. The local inhabitants feel that their jobs are being snatched by foreign people who reside in their country.

Secondly, while illegal immigration does profit to the economy of the nation, it has also opened the gates for many illegal actions. These illegal actions constitute to weaken the entire security of the nation and an increase in the criminal record of the country.

Regardless of all such mixed reactions related to immigration cases, the United States government has toughened the entire immigration policy and is keeping a tab on all illegal activities pertaining to the immigration.

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Pro And Con Of Immigration

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