whateverMap of United States Tourist Attractions

Map of United States Tourist Attractions

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Map Of United States Tourist Attractions


          Located in the North American continent on the Western Hemisphere, United States of America is a popular tourist destination and a great place to visit. At 3.79 million square miles and with over 300 million people, United States is the third largest country by area stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. United States comprises of fifty states and is bordered by Canada to the North and Mexico to the South.

          United States has diverse geographical features that include numerous natural wonders, beautiful beaches, lofty mountain ranges, gigantic waterfalls, mighty rivers and dense forests that are home for several unique birds and animals.

          Being the capital city of the United States, Washington DC offers numerous picturesque buildings including the White House, Capital building, The Pentagon and the Supreme Court. Designed by French architect Pierre L’ Enfant, Washington DC is a city of great beauty with a number of museums and monuments.

          Located on the West side of United States is located the State of California surrounded by the sea on the west and the Sierra-Nevada mountain range on the west. Some of the major cities of United States including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Berkeley and California are located in this state. Tourist attractions include amusement parks like Disneyland and Universal Studies, National Parks, mountains, vineyards and beautiful beaches. Being the largest gambling centers in the world, the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, is just a few hours drive from Los Angeles.

          Located on the southeast coast is the state of Florida. Florida is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and boasts of bustling cities like Miami and Orlando that are home for some of the beautiful beaches and amusement parks in the world.

          Situated amidst the Rocky Mountains, the states of Colorado and Utah are a perfect place to visit during winters. Both these states are famous for skiing vacations, rock climbing and hiking. The Grand Canyon in the region of Arizona is known for water adventure sports like kayaking and white water rafting.


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Map Of United States Tourist Attractions

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