Geography Of Ethiopia And Where Can I Seek AdventureGeography Of Ethiopia And Where Can I Seek Adventure


Important-Innoculations-Required-For-Travel-To-Ethiopia      You may have started packing your bags and rucksacks ready to embark on your trip to the cultural, traditional land of festivity and wilderness, Ethiopia. Have you considered taking the important inoculations required for travel to this African country? Visiting Ethiopia would surely mean coming in close contact with wild animals and Mother Nature at her wildest attire, hence it is imperative that one takes the required precautions before they plan to travel to Ethiopia, or for that matter any country in Africa. Moreover, even if you are reluctant to go for the hassles of inoculations, the Centers For Disease Control Department will not allow you to travel to Ethiopia, unless you have taken these mandatory shots as important preventive measures for certain diseases. More..


Geography Of Ethiopia And Where Can I Seek Adventure


Lying in the Horn of Arica, the land-locked country of Ethiopia is packed with plateaus, highlands and lowlands and drained by the Blue Nile, originating in the Lake Tana. Rugged terrains, deep gorges and valleys constitute most of the physiographic features of Ethiopia as the major part of the country is situated at an elevation of 1500 meters above the sea level. The geography of Ethiopia is highly varied with altitudes varying at different places - the high mountains and plateaus on one hand and the foothills and lowlands on the other. The altitude is highest just prior to descending towards the famous Great Rift Valley standing at an elevation of about 4500 meters.

Considering the high elevated mountains and the rocky areas that the geography of Ethiopia entails, it is only natural that there would be several places where one can seek adventure. Whether you want to seek adventure amidst the rock-cut mountains and plateaus or the wish to explore the rock-hewn churches so prominent in the cities of Ethiopia, or go boating across the Lake Tana, this African country presents a number of sites where you can just go on an adventure spree.

One of the most thrilling and awesome places of adventure in Ethiopia is the Simien Mountains, a trekking trail through the scintillating peaks and stimulating scenic beauty of the Ethiopian highlands. The deep gorges overlooking the sprawling plains of Eritrea are simply exhilarating, while the stunning views of the ancient castles and towers at the foothills of these steep cliffs have a mystifying sensation. The valleys on the trailing route to these highlands are occupied by the small huts and terraced fields built by the villagers, while colossal escarpments line up the northern side of the Simien Mountains.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast you can seek some adventure amidst these mountains too as Gelada Baboons and Walia Ibex and other such rare species of animals often come into sight. Gondar is another place in Ethiopia where you can seek some adventure amidst the gorgeous historical palaces giving out a nostalgic feeling. Seek adventure by encamping at the gigantic mountains and chasms, getting to feel the open night sky welcoming you to this land of mystics - Ethiopia with open arms.

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Geography Of Ethiopia And Where Can I Seek Adventure

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