Sheraton Hotel EthiopiaSheraton Hotel Ethiopia


Top-10-Things-To-Do-In-Ethiopia-For-A-Lifetime-Of-Memories      The enigmatic land of Ethiopia, with its vibrant aura, colorful people, glorious tradition cabalistic spiritualism and wild, untamable natural beauty, welcomes all with open arms to get overwhelmed in its variety and go back with a lifetime of memories in your basket. More..


Sheraton Hotel Ethiopia


The Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, gives you a heartwarming welcome to its lap of luxury, a unique experience that is sure to transport you to a world of dreams and make an indelible impression on your mind. Situated amidst the Entoto Mountains, the Sheraton Hotel, Ethiopia is simply a paradise on earth, bringing you in close communion with Mother Nature as well as leaving no stones unturned to pamper its visitors with leisure and opulence to the less.

Regale yourself in the ravishing grandeur of the Sheraton Hotel, Ethiopia, endowing you with opportunities to satiate your desires with all its modern amenities, its esoteric cuisine, entertainment galore and not to forget the elegant, epicurean rooms and suites with ostentatious decorations. Rejuvenate your minds as you contemplate the rising sun coming out of the pinkish-orange hued sky outside your lavish suite windows and heralds a new day, a fresh beginning. Indulge into the panoramic beauty of the mountains meeting the African sky and spoil yourself by getting drowned in the glittering sunshine while relaxing in the comfortable couch of the Villa or the Jacuzzi at the Executive Suite at Sheraton Hotel in Ethiopia.

The Sheraton Hotel, Ethiopia, offers a plethora of amenities and entertainment facilities for its visitors. Hence while you get hedonistic pleasures in the opulence of the spas at the Aqva Club, let your tiny tots have their share of enjoyment at the Simba Club. Get splashed in the crystal blue waters of the majestic swimming pools against the backdrop of resplendent mountains and luscious green lawns. If you are on a business trip, the adroit staff of Sheraton Hotel, Ethiopia, will ensure that you get the best of executive services at the hotel’s Business Center, well-equipped with laptops, internet accessing facilities and other services.

Talking about the Sheraton Hotel, Ethiopia one cannot forget the aroma and delightful delicacies of the myriad cuisines available to tickle the taste buds. Whether you want to savor some French flavors at the Les Arcades, or indulge in Italian specialties at the Stagioni, or get a taste of the piquant, zesty Indian dishes at the Shaheen, the Sheraton Hotel has them all. Dine at the Summerfields, gorge on some lip-smacking snacks at the Poolside Baywatch and Breezes, enjoy a cocktail at the Sheraton Hotel Stanley’s and freak out at the Gaslight, the nightclub of Hotel Sheraton Ethiopia.

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Sheraton Hotel Ethiopia

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