Ethiopia Visa Costs For A US CitizenEthiopia Visa Costs For A US Citizen


Geography-Of-Ethiopia-And-Where-Can-I-Seek-Adventure      Lying in the Horn of Arica, the land-locked country of Ethiopia is packed with plateaus, highlands and lowlands and drained by the Blue Nile, originating in the Lake Tana. Rugged terrains, deep gorges and valleys constitute most of the physiographic features of Ethiopia as the major part of the country is situated at an elevation of 1500 meters above the sea level. The geography of Ethiopia is highly varied with altitudes varying at different places - the high mountains and plateaus on one hand and the foothills and lowlands on the other. The altitude is highest just prior to descending towards the famous Great Rift Valley standing at an elevation of about 4500 meters. More..


Ethiopia Visa Costs For A US Citizen


Obtaining a visa often becomes a cumbersome job which takes a toll of your energy that you would like to devote on making other preparations for your journey. If you are a US Citizen traveling to Ethiopia, the visa costs are not much. However, you need to go through a number of processes in order to acquire one. Apart from submission of your passport, there is an application form to be filled in, a passport size photograph to be attached and a photocopy of your travel ticket to be deposited. You have to pay the costs that you need to incur for traveling to Ethiopia.

The general costs of visa for a US citizen going to Ethiopia is $50 per visa, if you want the procedure to occur normally within 3 to 4 business days. However, if you are in haste and want to acquire your visa as soon as possible, the cost for a US Citizen will be $75 as per the US Embassy requirements. Apart from these, you need to pay the Consular fee which costs $70. In case you find yourself in an emergency condition and wish to apply for the visa in arrival to Ethiopia, as a US Citizen one needs to possess 2 passport size photographs and pay a fee of $20. In such cases, you can apply for a visa in 2 hours.

One glorious advantage of being a US Citizen traveling to Ethiopia is that one gets a permit or 2 years of multiple entries for business as well as tourism purposes. This is a special permit by the US Government for a citizen of the country and the costs for such allowance is only $66. However, if your entry visa reaches the expiry date, prior to your leaving Ethiopia, you require an extension to be authorized through the Main Immigration Office at Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and pay a penalty on monthly basis which costs $20. Also as a US citizen, you need to pay a court fine of $300 to be allowed to leave Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia Visa Costs For A US Citizen

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