Mountain View Hotel EthiopiaMountain View Hotel Ethiopia


People-Of-The-Ethiopian-Mountains-And-Their-Culture       Rugged terrains, steep cliffs, deep valleys and dense forests with thick canopy of trees - these are what make up the Ethiopian Mountains or the Ethiopian Highlands. Home to some of the tallest peaks and mountains in Africa, the Ethiopian Highlands are dissected into northwestern and southeastern parts by the colossal Great Rift Valley. Among the myriad ethnic groups that lead a life of struggle and hardship amidst these rocky cliffs, the Amhara people constitute the majority of population of the Ethiopian Highlands. More..


Mountain View Hotel Ethiopia


On your trip to the bewitching and irresistible African country of Ethiopia and its rugged terrains, deep valleys, ethnic culture and vibrant people, you cannot afford to miss out on the holy city of Lalibela, with its monolithic rock-hewn churches strewn all over. To capture the glory of the enthralling rocky mountain and to contemplate on the panoramic beauty of the scintillating sunset amidst the hill tops, no other place can provide you with a better view than the Mountain View Hotel.

Situated at a height of 2680 meters from the sea level atop the Lasta Mountain chain in Lalibela Ethiopia, the Mountain View Hotel, poses as one of the chicest and most elegant hotels in Ethiopia with all the modern amenities available at your disposal. Seated in isolation, away from the din and bustle of the town area, this hotel is just apt for a quiet vacation amidst the serene ambience, reflecting the very sacred spirit that the city is drowned in. What makes the Mountain View hotel especially alluring and spectacular is the gorgeous, mystic architecture that carves its every nook and corner. Modeled on the famous rock-hewn artistic designs, that decks almost every church of the city, the exterior as well as the interior of this hotel in Ethiopia endows it with a nostalgic, ethnic glamour that remains unparalleled.

Begin your day beholding the stunning sunrise as the morning star comes out of its abode, lighting up the sky in the lap of the entrancing mountains around the Mountain View. Get cozy in the ravishing ambience of the rooms overlooking the deep valleys of Ethiopia and putting up the perfect idyllic setting amidst the artistic rock carvings and ethnic furnishings. The Mountain View hotel, Ethiopia staff is all ready to pamper you to the core with their excellent services and warm hospitality. If you want to savor some real Ethiopian cuisine, relax at the beautiful dining hall and gorge on some of the most delectable delicacies of this African country. In short, the experience at Mountain View Hotel, Ethiopia is worth the money and is sure to make an indelible impression on your mind.

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Mountain View Hotel Ethiopia

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