History About Korean WarHistory About Korean War


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History About Korean War


      The Korean War started out being border clashes between North Korea and South Korea. However, before a blink of an eye, it escalated into a full-blown war where the two rival Korean regimes were being helped and supported by external powers.

       Each regime was trying to overthrow the other using political and guerilla tactics.

        In 1950, South Korea held free elections which did nothing to strengthen their cause and the country refused to hold fresh elections as requested by North Korea. This led to the North Korean army moving to the south on June 25, 1950 with an attempt to reunite both the Koreas. The Korean peninsula was divided in 1948.

       The conflict became quite serious when the United States and Russia decided to get involved and the hostilities between the two countries continued until July 27, 1953 until Armistice Day, the day the ceasefire agreement was signed.

       The South Korean president, Syngman Rhee, and North Korean General Secretary, Kim Il-Sung, wanted to reunite the two countries but under his own system. One was not ready to accept the other’s terms and conditions. North Korea had the advantage of having many Soviet tanks and artillery, and this helped it to escalate the border skirmishes and go into a full scale war. South Korea, on the other hand, just had limited support from the US. The American government was of the opinion that Korean Conflict, as it is known in America, was caused by Soviet Union who was were using North Korea as a pawn. For the Americans, the conflict took the garb of international aggression rather than a civil war.

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History About Korean War

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