South Korea Tourist AttractionsSouth Korea Tourist Attractions


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South Korea Tourist Attractions


        With all the tension that South Korea faces with North Korea, it has still managed to carve a niche for itself on the tourist maps. The country is pleasant and fascinating blend of modern and traditional; throw in natural beauty and engineering marvels, it transforms South Korea into a tourists’ paradise.

        Some of the popular tourist destinations in South Korea are as follows:


         This is a town famous for its aristocrats and old culture. Tourists visit this town to see the Andong Folk Village and Folk Museum, which exhibits relics of ancient Korean culture. Restaurants in this town serve traditional Korean food, so you can try eating what the locals do. Just north of Andong is Dosan Seowon, which is a famous Confucian institute. West of the town is the Hahoe Maeul Folk Village, which is worth a visit. If you are in Andong during autumn, make sure you take the time out to see the Mask Dance Festival. It should not be missed under any circumstances.


        This port city is the second largest metropolis in South Korea. You should visit the Busan Tower in Yongdusan Park from where you will be able to get a fantastic view of the entire city. Another place where tourists flock is the UN Cemetey where the UN soldiers of the Korean War are buried. If you are interested in going to the famous Jeju Island, the Busan is the place from where you can depart.

Jeju Island:

        The island is just 100 kilometers away from the mainland and it will transport you to a completely different world altogether. The infrastructure and accommodation is fantastic and the government has taken care to ensure that all tourist facilities are available here. With its lovely beaches, coastal waterfalls, hot springs, scuba diving and fishing facilities, this island is very popular with tourists. Do not forget to absorb a little bit of the local culture by visiting the Folkcraft and National Museum, and Jeju Folk Village Museum. The tallest mountain, Mount Hallasan, in entire South Korea is located on Jeju Island, and it is home to the imposing and beautiful Crater Lake.


         Besides being the capital of South Korea, Seoul is also the main political and economic hub of the country. Seoul is truly an anomaly where modern architecture and ancient architecture blend together in total harmony. It is quite common to see a modern skyscraper standing right next to a monument or a palace. Do not forget to visit the Summer Palace to see some of the finest work of art and architecture.


         The holiest Buddhist shrine in Korea is located in Haeinsa. The ninth century Buddhist temple is located in the Gayasan National Park, you can see the entire scriptures printed on 81,000 wooden blocks. However, the blocks are out of reach and you can just view them through a slatted window.

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South Korea Tourist Attractions

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