Bolivia Christmas CustomsBolivia Christmas Customs


Goverment In Bolivia      Bolivia is an independent secular republican country located in the central region of South America. It is a landlocked nation that is surrounded on all sides by land. Located on the north and eastern side of Bolivia is Brazil. More..


Bolivia Christmas Customs


        Located in the central part of South America is the beautiful country of Bolivia. Christianity is the major religion followed by the people of Bolivia with 95 percent of the inhabitants being Roman Catholics and 5 percent Protestants.

         Undoubtedly, Christmas is the most popular festival that is celebrated with grand fervor in Bolivia. However, Christmas customs and traditions followed in Bolivia are slightly different from those followed in other South American countries.

          Agriculture is the most important occupation for the people of Bolivia. In this context, Christmas is mainly celebrated as a harvest festival in this part of the world. People adore and host a special feast in the honor of Mother Earth, where Mother Earth is requested to bless all the people of Bolivia with a happy and prosperous New Year. During the feast, people thank Mother Earth for the completion of the current year and seek blessings for a plentiful of harvest in the coming year. People also seek blessings to keep away any diseases or other disasters that might hamper the growth, economic condition and prosperity of the people in the country.

          In Bolivia and several other parts of South America, Christmas is primarily a religious holiday filled with events that radiate fun and joy. Music is an integral part of every celebration in Bolivia, including Christmas. Homes, business centers and government offices are grandly decorated. Children go around singing and inviting Santa Claus to their homes and are accompanied by harmonicas and various handmade instruments. Many special dances, carnivals, fairs and parties are held during this time celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

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Bolivia Christmas Customs

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