Bolivia Cultural Events Or CelebrathinonsBolivia Cultural Events Or Celebrations


Bolivia Christmas Customs      Located in the central part of South America is the beautiful country of Bolivia. Christianity is the major religion followed by the people of Bolivia with 95 percent of the inhabitants being Roman Catholics and 5 percent Protestants. More..


Bolivia Cultural Events Or Celebrations


        Named after Simon Bolivar, Republic of Bolivia is a landlocked country located in central region of South America at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Like many other countries in the South American continent, Republic of Bolivia boasts of a rich cultural history and heritage.

        One can get a glimpse of Bolivia’s unique cultural traditions and customs in various events and celebrations organized throughout the country during the festival season.

         Republic of Bolivia was once under the rule of the Spanish empire. As a result, many of the customs and traditions followed by people in this country are a mixture of ancestral traditions and Spanish cultural elements. Religious festivals and pagan rites that were once common during the Incan period or the pre-Columbian era are still followed and celebrated in many parts of Bolivia. Also celebrated are festivals that are linked to the celebration of Christian deities, especially the Virgin Mary. Popular among these include the Summer Solstice and the Carnival Festival of Oruro.

        The Alasitas Fair in La Paz is held in January every year in the honor of Ekeko, an Aymara God. Another important festival is the one celebrated in the honor of Lord Jesus Christ during the month of May. November 1 is celebrated in Bolivia as All Saints Day. On this day, Bolivians bring food and drink to the graves of family members. Celebrations in Bolivia are at their peak on the eve of Christmas. People are elegantly and brightly dressed during these festivals.

         Dance, music and songs are an inseparable part of Bolivian cultural events and celebrations. Caporales is considered to be the most popular dance in the country. However, there are also several other beautiful dance forms in Bolivia that include Morenada, Kullawada and Tobas. Music of Bolivia is mostly influenced by Spanish tunes. However, regional folklore music of Bolivia has its own distinct flavor. Some of the popular musical instruments used by people of Bolivia during their religious and cultural festivals include the Quena, Skin Drums, Tarka, bronze gongs, copper bells, Charango and the Sicu.

         Other important national holidays that are celebrated in Bolivia include the Independence Day on Bolivia on August 6 and the signing of the 1953 Agrarian Reform Law on 2nd August.


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