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Government In Bolivia


        Bolivia is an independent secular republican country located in the central region of South America. It is a landlocked nation that is surrounded on all sides by land. Located on the north and eastern side of Bolivia is Brazil.

        Other nations that form the border of Bolivia include Paraguay and Argentina on the south, and Chile and Peru on the West.

          Like other countries in South American, the government in Bolivia is a federal democratic republic with the President of the Nation being the chief of the state and the head of the government. The President, along with the Vice-President, is elected through direct elections. The term of the President and the Vice-president is for four years. A ministerial council or the cabinet is then selected by the President. The cabinet assists the President in the proper functioning of the government.

          The legislative branch of Bolivia is called as the National Congress. The National Congress of Bolivia is a bicameral house containing a lower house known as the Chamber of Deputies and the upper house known as the Senate. There are 27 seats in the Senate, while the Chamber of Deputies comprises of 130 seats. According to the existing constitution of Bolivia, the entire country is divided into nine departments. Head of each department is called a Governor and is elected by the President. Every department is then further divided into provinces, municipalities and cantons. Altogether, there are 98 provinces and 1,272 cantons. Each department is represented in the Senate by 3 senators. Senators and deputies are elected for a five-year term. The vice-president functions as the head of the Bolivian Congress.

         The National Congress, Presidential Palace and the Vice-President’s villa are all based in the city of La Paz, the administrative capital of Bolivia.


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Goverment In Bolivia

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