Venezuela Business CultureVenezuela Business Culture


Labor And Work Standards In Venezuela      Located on the northern coast of South America, Republic of Venezuela is considered to be one of the most developed and urbanized Latin American countries. As per the official registered statistics, rate of unemployment in Venezuela is around 8.9 percent. More..


Venezuela Business Culture


        Venezuela is fast becoming one of the most preferred business destinations in Latin America primarily due to its vast resources and impeccable business culture.

       Mentioned below are some important culture and traditions followed by business people in Venezuela.

  1. Like any other South American country, people in Venezuela are averse to taking risk. Businessmen in this part of the world prefer to initiate business relations with only those whom they know or trust. Hence, in most cases, Venezuelans prefer face-to-face meetings while doing business rather than through internet, telephone or writing.  
  2. For Venezuelans, first appearance is the best appearance. They prefer people who are meticulously and conservatively dressed. Men should dress in suits and women must maintain an elegant and beautiful appearance wearing stylish business attire. Accessories include exquisitely made jewelry and designer watches.
  3. Business appointments have to be made at least 2 weeks in advance. However, one should avoid scheduling meetings on a Friday afternoon or evening as many Venezuelans do not prefer to work on weekends.
  4. Punctuality is an important trait that describes the attitude of a person. Businessmen in Venezuela prefer to be extremely punctual for business meetings. They do not like to avoid scheduled meetings nor like to postpone meetings.
  5. Relationship is an important factor that governs business culture in Venezuela. Venezuelan businessmen usually involve in a general or informal talk for a couple of minutes during the start of so as to know the person with whom they are dealing a bit better.
  6. All the business meetings are conducted either in Spanish or English. Venezuelans mostly prefer long-term relationships in their business. Short-term business projects are generally viewed with circumcision.
  7. Top management positions in most of the Venezuelan business firms are occupied by upper class people who are really status conscious. In order to be a successful businessman in Venezuela, one should always pay attention to the hierarchy and show due respect to positions of authority.
  8. Another useful business tip is to exchange business cards that are printed one side in Spanish and the other side in English. One should never write on a business card because this practice is considered to be very rude in Venezuela.

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Venezuela Business Culture

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