Venezuela Landmarks And CultureVenezuela Landmarks And Culture


Famous Venezuelan Sights      Located on the northern coast of South America is the Republic of Venezuela, country that is home to some of the most exotic locations and diverse landscapes in the world including tropical beaches, immense plains, gorgeous waterfalls, dense forests, some huge mountains and massive rivers. More..


Venezuela Landmarks And Culture


        The indigenous Venezuelan culture is heavily influenced by two main cultures -- the Italian culture and the Spanish culture. However, the Venezuelan culture also draws influence from the cultures of France, Portuguese and the United States (which is rather recent, during the 19th century).

        The influence is clearly evident and distinctly noticeable in various aspects of the Venezuelan culture such as religion, language, architecture, music, and even food.

         The most striking feature of Venezuelan culture is the class difference in the society, which is far more prominent than the racial difference. The dominant religion in Venezuela is Roman Catholicism. The most commonly used language is Spanish although about 25 different indigenous dialects exist in the country and are used by the indigenous tribal population. The use of English is confined to urban places only. The most distinctive cultural aspect of Venezuela is its music, which is heavily influenced by European and African music.

         Venezuela is famous for the world's highest waterfall, the Angel Waterfall, the world's longest cable car (at Merida), Amazon jungle, Andean peaks and wonderful wildlife in the grasslands of Los Llanos. Popular places to visit in Venezuela include the Archipiélago Los Roques, which is a spectacular coral island with white sandy beaches and is like a paradise for sunbathers, snorkelers, divers, and those fun-loving tourists interested in windsurfing and kite surfing. Caracas city, with its wide variety of international cuisines, plush hotels, theaters, fashion boutiques, museums, shopping and nightlife is a paradise for the young and energetic.

         One can get a glimpse of Venezuela's best colonial architecture at Coro town, where the mansions, buildings and houses are most uniquely and beautifully constructed. Those who love to soak some sunshine can resort to sunbathing at Isla de Margarita, which also offers cheap duty-free stuff for those interested in shopping. Those yearning for a country feel, Los Llanos, with its nature’s bounty (spectacular bird and animal life), and the vibrant music of the Venezuelan cowboys (the lively joropo and coleo music) is the perfect holiday destination. For adventure loving tourists, Merida, with its adrenalin gushing adventure sports (trekking, paragliding) is the best tourist destination.

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Venezuela Landmarks And Culture

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